Machine Learning Makes IOT project successful.


Now these days, without machine learning technology, IOT projects won’t be completed successfully. TECH EXPLICA has taken this opportunity to provide a solid platform for development of high quality latest projects. The special things here’re the involvement of experienced developers in training session as the trainer and incorporation of all the infrastructures and other latest technologies like Python, Artificial Intelligence, Machines learning technology, Big Data Hadoop and cloud, etc.

Through the implementation of Artificial Intelligent technology, the Analytic Engine projects, Insight & Visualization analytic projects, and automation projects, etc. could be developed well. If you are joining summer training in Delhi program of TECH EXPLICA, you will get all above opportunities. Also, all other certification courses are available here like HP, Microsoft, Autodesk and many more courses.

IOT Courses Machine learning Technology in summer training

  • Machine learning with IOT
  • Support Vector Machine
  • Bayesian Prediction-preparing training file
  • Classification, Fraud detection and alert analytic
  • Image and video analytic & Bio –metric ID integration with IOT
  • Real Time / Stream Analytic
  • Unstructured & Structured predictive analytic
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Pattern and Root cause detection
  • Rule / Scenario discovery – fraud, failure, optimization
  • Paas/ Iaas/Saas-IOT data, and software service revenue project

Significance of a Legacy PROTOCOLS in ML & IOT projects

Link ups between sensors & legacy protocols are essential to conduct the IOT project successful. Some significant legacy protocols are HART to latest Zigbee, X10, Modbus, relay, Bluetooth, Zwave, and ANT etc. The sensor should be installed with appropriate FDA/EPA regulation through business driver to discover Quality assurance, supervision, Fraud/tempering, and process management.

The sensor should be manufactured with all technical aspects and should be calibrated and maintained to provide a best result towards IOT project.

If you want to be a lucky student for development of such project, just get in touch with our HR and Admin Department. All levels of IT students like BE/B.TECH/BSC/M.TECH/BSC(IT)/MSC(IT)/BCA/MCA for all kinds of courses and projects like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, IOT, BIG DATA HADOOP and many more.


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