Why an IT student should go for Big Data Project Training?


IT student should go for Big Data Hadoop project to have excellent experience on Big data programming along with broad size database.  All levels of IT students like Diploma, BE, B.Tech, BCA and BSC (IT) students are eligible for this project in summer training in Delhi NCR program.

Big Data Hadoop Project Summer training in Noida

This project training course covers all the major portions of big data Hadoop technologies throughout the Hadoop ecosystem and implements them in real life projects. In this course you will learn the Hadoop codes and its allied technologies and see how they make exciting solution to real world issues and how the companies from worldwide are using them.

Project Solution of clustering issues – Here the student will learn how Mapreduce technologies are applied to solve Clustering issues. This project focuses on removal of equivalent or duplicate values from a very bigger size data set with Mapreduce.

Project Yarn and Zookeeper with Kafka Streaming

Here, the students will be able to link up a Python technology with twitter stream and, install java code with a Kafka stream for consumers and producers. In summer training session, you will enjoy the help of senior programmers of TECH EXPLICA.

Project NoSQL with Hadoop Analytics

In this projects take out keyword with apache pig & map to hdfs, adding a twitter stream with technology Python, pull out from hdfs and push in to mongodb with pig, display data with node js.

Benefits for Healthcare industry

Big Data Hadoop Applications are being developed for the Healthcare sector with Apache Sqoop and Solr. The students will develop the relational schema for a Health Care Database. They will work on MySQL, Hive stack/ Hadoop with HCatalog and Scoop.

As TECH EXPLICA has all required infrastructures for Hadoop and all other latest technologies like ML, AI, IOT, Data Analyst, Cloud, HP, and MSCC, etc., in summer training in Noida program, the students will surely enjoy the project training session.


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