Rare Seen Big Data Hadoop Project Training In Summer at Delhi Noida


Throughout the summer training in Noida program organized by TECH EXPLICA, BIG DATA Hadoop development framework is really one of the best and advanced project development technologies. It’s Spark, NoSQL database and other Big Data technologies make the students a skilled Big Data Hadoop Architect professional as per leading industry standards.

Attractive factors of TECH EXPLICA’s summer training in Delhi NCR program

  • In-Demand knowledge, skills & Tools
  • Industry special instructors
  • Execute projects on Machine learning with IOT or Artificial Intelligence technology
  • Real-Life Projects on latest technology
  • Get noticed by the top hiring companies By doing above courses, you can have following certificates
  • Big Data Hadoop and Spark Developer
  • Big Data Hadoop Administrator

Throughout summer training in Delhi NCR program, the students will have most demanding opportunity with Big Data Technology.

Importance of Big Data Hadoop Architect

This Big Data Hadoop Architect program includes real-life and industry-based projects on various domains to help you learn Scalability, Clusters, Configuration. Here, the students will develop several Big Data projects that help them grow their career.

Let’s have overview on some projects

Scalability Deployment of Multiple Clusters

In this part the students will set up a new cluster for a machine. If the machine is new, it takes time to set up clusters on new machines. Then students will conduct testing the new cluster’s function and applications.

In this way, large MNCs like Nestle, Microsoft and PepsiCo, set up their Big data clusters through experienced Big Data Architect.

Excellent Working experience with Clusters

The students will have great opportunity of Handling HA for namenode and resource manager in CDH, separating Hue service from your cluster that has other services like Hive, HDFS, HBase, and YARN setup. They will know how to allow a user read and access to your Cloudera cluster and alter replication and block size cluster. Implementing Hue as a service and logging in. Conduct analysis on Facebook, Amazon and Flipkart Big Data Clusters.

For more details on Big Data Hadoop summer training, contact HR department of TECH EXPLICA.


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