Acquire Summer Project training in Delhi from reputed IT Company.


At Techexplica, we provide training on various programming subject like Machine Learning, IOT, Python, Big Data & Hadoop, java, android and cloud computing, etc. As it’s a bigger size project development and training company, the learning students have enough opportunity to work with major projects such as PHP or CMS web applications, ERP application, and Android, iPhone or Hybrid mobile apps developments.

Reputed IT Company Techexplica

Techexplica is a reputed IT company, which helps students in gaining enough experience and knowledge on live projects. It conducts the summer training, winter training, Industrial project training in noida delhi and other certification of training for a better IT profile and improved performance in the industry.

Advanced Technologies

During this summer training session, you will get the opportunity of Machine Learning, IOT, Artificial intelligence training, Big Data & Hadoop, Python, java, cloud computing, android etc. The trained students can develop Java application and Android mobile apps perfectly.

Big Data & Hadoop

Big data includes various data generated from different applications such as Social Media, Black box data, stock exchange, search engine, structured data, and unstructured data. The students learn here about handling or managing these data with advanced tools and tactics. After finishing of this training course, they can build up their career on Database administration.

Java and Android Technologies

As android apps are developed using core Java languages, the training on the same will strengthen the skill and knowledge of the students and they can make an aim to become Android app developer or Core Java developer. A core Java developer can work with Android apps, due to same coding platform.

Certification Training

Following training certification are provided by Tech Explica through the most experienced trainers.

HPE COC certification Training

This training course focuses technical and sales skills required to support of service HP devices and solutions. The HPE Education program is now being conducted worldwide through talented and experienced developers. With a detailed practical session, the trainer enables the trainee students clear any issues created during working. They will be able to perform all technical supports for HP technologies.

The IOT (Internet of Things), Cloud Computing, and Cyber Security are the newly introduced training courses for advanced technology expertise. At the time of training, you can be part of the Cloud computing team or cyber security team.

Microsoft certification training

The MTA certification sets up students for the Microsoft Certified MCSD or TMCSA and entry level technology jobs and the school level students gain the high quality fundamental knowledge about the Micro Soft Technologies and application.

Autodesk Certification Training

Autodesk is the most professional and technical training subject for the students having 2D and 3D skills and after finishing of Autodesk certification Training, they can join with any Autodesk based software design company.

Autodesk AutoCAD Test will be conducted for measuring the capability and talent of the students and appropriate certificates will be issued accordingly. Training project will be guided by the highly experience Autodesk professionals.

Any more doubt, just call us or message us for detailed information.
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