Changing methodology and changing technology, the competitive edge lies with those who continuously upgrade their skills. Owing to the ever-growing competition, the battle to reach to the top is fiercer than ever before.

The industrial spectrum needs latest technical advancements to provide to the growing demands of the ever-expanding industry. Considering you is an engineering student or even if you are pursuing graduate/pg-level IT degree, then “Summer Training” is your best shot at getting ahead of the curve. This rigorous and comprehensive training is important as it enables you to acquire and clear crucial concepts about your chosen field and the challenges that come with it.

6 months internship - New

Our collaboration with the leading IT companies around the world equips us with best of the best mentors that educate and empower our students; after all, academic excellence is the first step towards success.  Our high-quality Courses typically last 4 to 6 weeks but can be extended owing to our student’ needs.

Among the offered Courses in Summer Training Program, we offer are Cloud Computation, Big Data and Hadoop, IOT, AVR, ARM, ERP, Ethical Hacking and Programming Techniques such as  ‘C’, C++, PHP, Dot Net, Android, Data Structure, Core Java,ASP.NET With C#, Linux Administration with Scripting, Networking security. We conduct these courses at several locations across the country with Summer Training in Noida and Summer Training in Delhi being just two of them.

Besides graduate students, students who are pursuing B.Tech /B.E / MCA, M.Sc. IT, B.Sc.IT,BCA, PGDCA can apply. Working professionals are also eligible, especially if they are looking to upgrade their skills. Students in their final semester can undergo this program in our Summer Training.

The Summer Training in Noida is held in the consecutive months of May, June & July at several venues. This ensures that the students make an easy choice keeping in mind their crucial enrollment for their desired location. Based on the best of practices and courses tailored to fit the required needs of our students, Summer Training in Noida offers quality training. If conceptual training is your goal then feel free to contact our venues and get in touch with our mentors.


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Advantages of IOT, AI, ML and Hadoop for projects of BTech, BCA, BSC(IT) and Diploma students.

The students in the final year of degree like BTech, BCA, BSC(IT) and Diploma would like to have a complete project based on latest technology to pass the final year exam. Here’s the passing is not a major fact but developing a fruitful project is a major concern.

Fruitful projects in summer training in Noida Or Delhi program

A fruitful project is possible only when sufficient infrastructures and experienced trainers will be available. A fruitful project is equivalent to commercial live project, which can be sold to any business organization also. Now these days, either AI, ML and Python and Big data can be combined together to get developed a best quality project with all kinds of facilities and functions or, AI, IOT, ML and Big Data could be combined together to develop a valuable project.


IOT and AI for Automation web projects

In this modern era, the automation projects have great demands to render many automated functions. When an IOT project is designed with AI technology, the data validation will be great. A card swapping or Bio metrics validation will be successful on web with AI procedure.

Do you want to develop such IOT and AI projects?

TECH EXPLICA has been conducting a world class summer training session for the IT students either pursuing or passing. The students may come from Diploma or BE or B.TECH or BSC (IT), MSC (IT), BCA, MCA and other poly technique courses, we allow them get developed their own selected projects. All the diploma and graduation level students are eligible for the minor projects and Master degree students are eligible for major projects throughout summer training in Delhi program at TECH EXPLICA.

Are you interested for the same? Still you couldn’t find a right place for your project development? Just contact our HR.

Big Data Hadoop Expands the Database Utilities.


Most of the giant companies often worry for the corruption of database, slow performance of the database, and many more issues. Big Data has brought the All-in-One solution for the big giant companies regarding data storage and data application solutions.

Here’re the opportunities of learning NOSQL database, Spark, HDFS, and other Big Data technologies available at TECH EXPLICA with summer training in Delhi program. On accomplishment of Big Data course, the students will be experienced and highly qualified Big Data Hadoop Architect. Now these days, Big Data plays a significant role for IOT, ML and AI projects to perform a best data storage application. Most of the companies upgrade their database to Big Data for a best database experience.

All the students at TECH EXPLICA will get chance to learn and work with the Big Data Hadoop technology. Also, they will get Big data certificates after completion of summer training session.

Best things in summer training in Noida Delhi program

  • International quality project and infrastructures
  • Best instructors
  • Live Big Data projects with IOT, ML or AI.
  • certificates
  • Opportunities for bigger companies.

Career growth opportunities at TECH EXPLICA

TECH EXPLICA is dedicated to provide Spark Developer or Big Data Administrator to the industry. Till today,  502 students have successfully passed in Big Data Hadoop training. We have incredible infrastructures for the successful project development and many more technology will be also included as per need.

High scalability of Big Data clusters

Most of the overseas companies like Microsoft, IBM, Nestle, Hero Honda, and PepsiCo, upgrade their old model database to Big data clusters through expert Big Data Architect

The students from BE, DIPLOMA, B.TECH, BSC(IT), BCA, MCA and MSC(IT) will learn Hive, HDFS, HBase, and YARN installation. The Cloudera and block size cluster will be easily installed and handled within the important part of the projects.

Check with us for availability of seat within summer training in Delhi program for you with your existing details.

Raspberry Pi with IOT Training Camp for BE/B.TECH/MCA

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Raspberry Pi has made the platform of IOT project development for the students from BE/B.Tech/BSC/ BCA/ Diploma/ MCA/ MSC courses.  They may have assignments from the universities for development of projects based upon modern technologies like Artificial Intelligence, IOT, Big Data Hadoop, Machine Learning, and many more.

Raspberry Pi is a smaller size electronics board that enables machine learning project to perform properly. Unlike an Arduino Board, a raspberry pi is used like a smaller linux system for successful deed of IOT or Artificial Intelligence projects.

Difference between Raspberry Pi & Arduino computer

  • Raspberry Pi is more useful than an Arduino computer.
  • Arduino is a micro controller or board, Raspberry is a Linux computer.
  • No extra motor drivers and wireless modules are required for Raspberry Pi IOT projects. But, for Arduino some more motor drivers and wireless systems are required.

Join TECH EXPLICA for a complete experience on Raspberry Pi project along with IOT and Artificial Intelligence.

TECH EXPLICA’s Summer training in Delhi

Throughout the summer training in Noida program of TECH EXPLICA, the students will be able to develop various projects like Smart Parking project, IOT Smart Parking project, Automatic Street Lighting project, Home Security control (IOT), Smart e-Health Gateway project, Smart Building Project through PIR, Web Biometrics projects, Vehicle Simulation Project and Raspberry Pi Home Automation.

Most of the graduation and diploma level students have the chance of internship throughout the summer training project. They got complete freedom here to develop extra mile projects with the help of experienced trainers.

Advanced infrastructure and Tools

Likewise, wi-fi high speed internet, safe workstations and hardware components, the students will have all types of infrastructures, tools and applications to complete their projects. Just give a short call on our office number and HR team will follow you up.

Best Project with IOT, AI and ML for MCA/MSC(IT)/M.TECH Students


Many final year students of IT courses like graduation or master degree look for right project training company or institute, but TECH EXPLICA saves their time from wandering here and there in Delhi NCR and NOIDA area.

TECH EXPLICA’s experienced trainers or senior developers make every wish of students possible. Your need of high speed internet and project samples will be available here to proceed for your requirement.

Summer training for BE/B.TECH/BCA/BSC(IT)/Diploma students

All issues regarding summer training on project development will be clarified here with our TECHNICAL TRAINERS.

Summer training in Delhi for MCA/MSC(IT)/M.TECH students

MCA/MSC(IT) students will have the heavenly environment here to fulfill their final year project with all latest features and tactics.

All infrastructures available

Here’re available all level of international standard infrastructure facilities and systems for a safe and secured, successful project development program.

Certifications available

You will have the major certificates like Big Data certificates, AI certificates, IOT certificates, Microsoft and HP certificates, and Auto Desk certificates, etc. These certificates and marks will be added to your project assignment from University or college.

Internship available

All, the pass out and pursuing students attend internship here to strengthen their career and increase experience period. You will work like an employee of company and get numerous experience as per your capability.

New Technologies for programming

Most of the demanding technologies now a days are IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data Hadoop and Data Analyst.

Artificial Intelligence technology is utilized for the automation projects or highly security added web application projects and chat bots, etc. If you are interested to integrate IOT and Artificial Intelligence together along with ML, this will be the best project in your life.

Cloud Projects Are Much Valuable For The BE/B.TECH/BCA/MCA/MSC(IT) Students


Cloud Computing- Virtualization, Service Owner actions, Resource Administrator, Cloud Delivery Models, and Cloud Security systems, etc., are used to confine virus and hacking Threats. Several Consumer storage projects will be developed by the students. The cloud computing aptitude training is another attraction at TECH EXPLICA. Apart from cloud, you will get opportunity of developing AI, ML, Automation and Big Data Hadoop projects, etc in summer training.

Most of the IT giants like IBM, Infosys, Satyam, TCS and other companies employ cloud experts for their respective cloud project requirements. Your bright future may carry you towards such successful career. As you will get opportunity of live project here, you will easily handle all critical situation in future cloud project development task.

What you will get here?

TECH EXPLICA will provide you the opportunity of development of high quality projects and high tech international infrastructure, live projects and non-hazardous laboratory facilities for fulfilling need of practical session. Here, the students will have the option of individual project, team projects and live projects and the confidence of development skill will be raised throughout these activities.
Cloud Solution Design & development through summer training

  • Interaction Channels
  • Finance & Account Management
  • Integration and Data Management
  • Knowledge and Case Management
  • Contact Center Analytics
  • Server management

X-factors of Summer Training in Delhi

  • Experienced Developer cum trainer will be available for proper guidance.
  • Learning resources are available.
  • High speed internet and higher configured PC.
  • All errors resolution until the end of project development.
  • Short Internship available
  • Live projects available

Do you have any more queries? Just ask our Technical experts through phone and get appropriate remedies. All B.TECH, BE, DIPLOMA, BCA, BSC(IT), MCA, MSC(IT) and M.TECH students are welcome to join Summer Training in Delhi Program of TECH EXPLICA.

Machine Learning Makes IOT project successful.


Now these days, without machine learning technology, IOT projects won’t be completed successfully. TECH EXPLICA has taken this opportunity to provide a solid platform for development of high quality latest projects. The special things here’re the involvement of experienced developers in training session as the trainer and incorporation of all the infrastructures and other latest technologies like Python, Artificial Intelligence, Machines learning technology, Big Data Hadoop and cloud, etc.

Through the implementation of Artificial Intelligent technology, the Analytic Engine projects, Insight & Visualization analytic projects, and automation projects, etc. could be developed well. If you are joining summer training in Delhi program of TECH EXPLICA, you will get all above opportunities. Also, all other certification courses are available here like HP, Microsoft, Autodesk and many more courses.

IOT Courses Machine learning Technology in summer training

  • Machine learning with IOT
  • Support Vector Machine
  • Bayesian Prediction-preparing training file
  • Classification, Fraud detection and alert analytic
  • Image and video analytic & Bio –metric ID integration with IOT
  • Real Time / Stream Analytic
  • Unstructured & Structured predictive analytic
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Pattern and Root cause detection
  • Rule / Scenario discovery – fraud, failure, optimization
  • Paas/ Iaas/Saas-IOT data, and software service revenue project

Significance of a Legacy PROTOCOLS in ML & IOT projects

Link ups between sensors & legacy protocols are essential to conduct the IOT project successful. Some significant legacy protocols are HART to latest Zigbee, X10, Modbus, relay, Bluetooth, Zwave, and ANT etc. The sensor should be installed with appropriate FDA/EPA regulation through business driver to discover Quality assurance, supervision, Fraud/tempering, and process management.

The sensor should be manufactured with all technical aspects and should be calibrated and maintained to provide a best result towards IOT project.

If you want to be a lucky student for development of such project, just get in touch with our HR and Admin Department. All levels of IT students like BE/B.TECH/BSC/M.TECH/BSC(IT)/MSC(IT)/BCA/MCA for all kinds of courses and projects like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, IOT, BIG DATA HADOOP and many more.

Why Are You Wasting Vacation? Join Summer Training in Delhi


To best utilize the summer vacation, the students are advised to join “summer training in Delhiprogram at TECH EXPLICA. It could be said as summer internship program for you. Many career concerning students would like to join summer internship for different educations like MBA, Engineering and many more things. But, the universities made compulsory for the IT students (Diploma, B.Tech, BE, BCA, BSC(IT), BCA, MCA and MSC (IT)).

TECH EXPLICA has incorporated Machine Learning, IOT, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Hadoop, Automation, Cloud and Data analyst projects in this summer training program.

Live project training

Along with the development of assigned projects, the students will get chance of working with LIVE PROJECTS. In this way student will mature their programming skill for a bright future career. The most experienced senior programmers will guide and train the trainees in resolution of any issues throughout the summer training in Delhi program.

Live projects are also known as commercial projects, which come with all real time components and functions. If students work with live projects, they will come to know all disciplines and architectures required for a commercial projects and their work experience will be truly grown.

Big Data Hadoop in summer training

With Big Data Hadoop technologies, students will develop high quality and bigger database projects. For ­­­this purpose they will learn Hbase, Hive, HDFS, MapReduce, Pig, Flume, Yarn, Oozie and Sqoop, etc.  Mainly, social media sites, banking, insurance and Finance domain, Travel Tourism, and MNC projects are being developed by the students.

As summer training batches are going to start, you just place your inquiry to check the availability of seats. Our HR department will let you know the actual status about the project training session.

How To Complete MCA/MSC (IT) Final Year Project Successfully?

Banner 1

Every Beech /BCA student, dreams for a best job opportunity after completion of Final year exam. But, how it’s possible? It’s possible only through joining internship with any IT company for gaining of great experience on certain major and live projects.

Developing a major project through Summer training in Delhi NCR

For a major project, students may participate independently or in a group. As per decision and confidence level of the students, they will get opportunity by software company for project development purpose.

Combination of Machine Learning technology with IOT or AI

In case of development of IOT projects or AI projects, ML is a necessary factor for reading and monitoring of electronics device. The sensors will transfer the data from digital card to electronics device and the electronics device will be integrated with web application for executing output and this project is called IOT (Internet Of Thinks). Some famous IOT projects are BIO metrics, Robotic insects for detection of gas leakage, and many more student registrar projects.

Similarly, AI projects could be added for financial domain, medical health and body scanning and development of financial automation projects. It’s wise idea to join summer training program to have an advanced project.


The students, who will join TECH Explica get the advantages of high quality infrastructure, expert trainers, high speed internet, non-hazardous laboratories, 100% practical and live project opportunities. So, there dream of becoming an experienced developer will be fulfilled well.

Online and Offline project assistance

The distant students don’t have to go to company every day and will get opportunity of getting project training session through recorded video and will have help from the trainer regarding solution of runtime error during development activities. Just sitting at home and get developed your dream project based upon latest technology.

Participate in summer training

Contact HR department for more information on Summer training in Delhi NCR Noida project details.

Why an IT student should go for Big Data Project Training?


IT student should go for Big Data Hadoop project to have excellent experience on Big data programming along with broad size database.  All levels of IT students like Diploma, BE, B.Tech, BCA and BSC (IT) students are eligible for this project in summer training in Delhi NCR program.

Big Data Hadoop Project Summer training in Noida

This project training course covers all the major portions of big data Hadoop technologies throughout the Hadoop ecosystem and implements them in real life projects. In this course you will learn the Hadoop codes and its allied technologies and see how they make exciting solution to real world issues and how the companies from worldwide are using them.

Project Solution of clustering issues – Here the student will learn how Mapreduce technologies are applied to solve Clustering issues. This project focuses on removal of equivalent or duplicate values from a very bigger size data set with Mapreduce.

Project Yarn and Zookeeper with Kafka Streaming

Here, the students will be able to link up a Python technology with twitter stream and, install java code with a Kafka stream for consumers and producers. In summer training session, you will enjoy the help of senior programmers of TECH EXPLICA.

Project NoSQL with Hadoop Analytics

In this projects take out keyword with apache pig & map to hdfs, adding a twitter stream with technology Python, pull out from hdfs and push in to mongodb with pig, display data with node js.

Benefits for Healthcare industry

Big Data Hadoop Applications are being developed for the Healthcare sector with Apache Sqoop and Solr. The students will develop the relational schema for a Health Care Database. They will work on MySQL, Hive stack/ Hadoop with HCatalog and Scoop.

As TECH EXPLICA has all required infrastructures for Hadoop and all other latest technologies like ML, AI, IOT, Data Analyst, Cloud, HP, and MSCC, etc., in summer training in Noida program, the students will surely enjoy the project training session.

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